Ikinari Steak

Japan will spoil you with its food choices. Whatever your budget, you will find some delicious food to match it. For 100yen or so, onigiris would tide you over until your next meal. For 30,000yen, you can eat your Jiro sushi dreams.

While I daydream about sushis though, my tummy grumbled (and found) its way to Ikinari Steak. Think of it as a fastfood steak place. Why isn’t it a fine dining place? Because there aren’t any seats!


Come to think of it, it isn’t really unqiue in Japan. There are dine-in wine bars, izakayas, sushi, udon and soba places where you eat or drink while standing! Waste no time. Eat and leave! But, I think it’s the first chain I saw for steaks.
They show you to your table and you order your side dishes and drinks.
Then, you line here and tell them what kind of meat you want. They will cut and weigh in front of you.

200gms minimum for Wagyu. Since this was supposedly just snack (teehee), we ordered the minimum size only. The meats are price per gram. 7 yen for Australian steak, 10 yen for wagyu.
Sauces for salad and steak. They have garlic paste, mustard and wasabi, too!
More steak sauces
Grilled to medium well ( Little A shouldn’t eat rare meats…yet)
Too thin for my liking. Not the fault of Ikinari though because I was the one who ordered just 200gms. The wagyu was well seasoned and not tough.

You can have wagyu-er wagyus elsewhere but Ikinari Steak can satisfy a sudden steak craving for a budget friendly price. If you’re not sure which type to order, go for wagyu. Try steak with wasabi and, lastly, don’t forget to order rice (I’m Asian like that!)

It’ll be hard if you have a toddler with you. But, if they like steaks like Little A does, it’s workable!

Website here
They have 60+ branches all over Japan. Enjoy!


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