“I wish I was like you”

My two daughters, 7 year old grade 2 student, Nykola, and 6 year old grade 1 student, Calista, recently had their exams.  While Calista had high scores, Nykola’s were not really high and I was a little disappointed.  In a stern voice, I told her I was not happy and she should study harder. I hired tutors for her and her sister so I was expecting higher grades.  She said “yes, mom” very softly with her head bent down.

Just this afternoon, I heard Nykola reading a letter from her classmate. According to her, this letter came from her second BFF, Catalina.  They used to be groupmates but last Friday, Nykola was transferred to a different group.

To Nykola From Catalina
To Nykola
From Catalina


Awww.  This letter reminded me that I have a great daughter who is “funny, nice, brave…”  Someone actually wants to be like her! These things, I oftentimes take for granted.  I had to be reminded by someone young, someone innocent of how special my daughter is.

All else comes secondary.


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