FAT: It’s OK to Indulge Once in a While =)

FAT: It’s OK to Indulge Once in a While =)

Saturday night is when I allow myself a bit of indulgence with food because the weekday staples are really just for my sustenance.

FAT seemed like an easy choice.  What could be more decadent than a restaurant by that name?  But it wasn’t really the name that drew me in.  My usual Saturday group loves to eat and one of our favourites is Locavore in Kapitolyo, Pasig.  So when I learned that the same chef behind Locavore is behind FAT, I quickly booked a table.  The restaurant has been open for a few months now and continues to be fully booked on a Saturday night in Burgos Circle, which is a good sign.  This area is usually slow on weekends.

In most experiences when ordering several items on the menu, there is always a dish or two that falls short.  Our FAT experience was an exception – and we were all pleasantly surprised! Not one of the 6 dishes we ordered fell below expectation, and there were 5 people with 5 varying tastes to please!  Here’s a rundown of what we had:

The Green Tea Chicharon with green tea salt and honey vinegar.  The condiments did a good job in bringing out the flavour of the pork skin.  I especially loved the honey vinegar which reminded me a bit of our “suka pinakurat” in Cebu but with a more refined taste.

Green Tea Chicharon

We had the Pork’s Ear En Croute which was grilled pork’s ear with a choice of 3 sauces: mango mayo, saffron aioli, and berry compote.  I preferred the berry compote because it cut a bit of the richness of the fatty ears.  The meat was served on top of sourdough bread slices (although we were all craving for rice at that point!) and was served with salsa and arugula, which also helped cut the richness.

Green Tea Chicharon

The starter menu had so much interesting options that we picked more here than the mains.  This was a good strategy to keep the meal lighter.  We opted for FAT’s version of the Basque Piperade, which is a traditional dish that reflect the colours of the Basque flag (red, green, white).  Their version had cherry tomatoes, green peppers, chorizo, smoked bacon, 64-degree eggs, and kesong puti.  Healthy and delicious!

Green Tea Chicharon

We had a hard time choosing our mains since everything on the menu really sounded very yummy.  So we decided to trust our server and went for the Morrocan Spiced Chicken Fillet.  It was also grilled to perfection – really tender on the inside – and served with sour cream and salsa.  It sat on spanakopita that was filled with cheese and spinach which was a nice surprise.

Green Tea Chicharon

Now I love salmon – however way it’s cooked.  I loved uni as well!  So the Salmon & Uni pasta was really a no-brainer.  It was served on top of seashell pasta, 64-degree egg, parmesan cheese, capers, plus crispy salmon skin.  The egg made the whole dish extra creamy but it was not heavy. We definitely had room for more.

Green Tea Chicharon

Not it was time for dessert and I hear no complaints!  This is really unusual for my outspoken and hard-to-please dinner companions.  I was expecting dessert to be the one that gets it.  We decided to cap off our meal with the Choux Donuts – it did not sound as appetizing as the others on the menu but we wanted something simple.  These were cream puff donuts filled with bananas and served with a choice of nutella or chocolate espresso sauce.  This was yummy all the way!

Green Tea Chicharon

There’s so much more on the menu that I am definitely planning another visit soon.

Green Tea Chicharon
Green Tea Chicharon

FAT is located at Forbes Town Center, 29th Street cor Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


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