Futako Tamagawa (Part 1 of 2)

We found ourselves in Futako Tamagawa one afternoon after running an errand. And since we were already there, we figured we might as well explore the area. According to the hubby, the place was once a desert. I’m kidding! He said there wasn’t much going on a few years ago but now it’s a-bustling.

The top attraction of Futakotamagawa is how family friendly it is. And not just the humankind either- lots of people come with their pets (but usually stay outdoors)


The malls and food places are just in the vicinity of the exit gates of JR. Tokyu Food Show, McDonald’s, bakeries, Rise and Dogwood mall, H&M, Uniqlo, ABC Mart.

…and the recently  (to me) opened Tsutaya Electrics!

It’s a fantastic place to spend a lazy day in. It’s the chic-est bookstore I have ever been in!


Ground floor magazine shelf


View from the top

It’s mainly a bookstore but they encourage you to eat and drink and browse through everything. They set up these for you to relax in! The whole building is peppered with seats and couches.


How nice is that lamp?


A library set up but no librarian to shush you quiet


Starbucks inside (I can’t say this is a chic Starbucks coz honestly, in Japan, sleek is a standard)


A Family Mart right inside for your konbini-ence (convenience)


For your cycling needs


Sound needs!


Stationery needs and even a 4k television viewing area (photos aren’t allowed) but it was so huge and oh so clear that you’ll feel like you are right in Paris (that was the clip they were showing)


On the second floor, there’s this inviting forest of chairs (dining theater) for you to hang out with your munchies while presumably looking through their book selections. But, people were just busy with their own gadgets and tablets.


People who looking through books were mostly standing near the shelves and table displays.

Oh yes, the adult coloring books are popular here, too!


BorneLund toys can be found in the children’s area. So many toys you can play with even if you aren’t buying. Little A played with all the toys she could reach. Shelves upon shelves of children’s books are displayed.

They weren’t kidding when they said it’s a place “where you can try and buy everything from home electronics and kitchen appliances to portable devices, camera, PCs and TVs….over delicious coffee and a good book. ”

Hands down, the bestest bookstore ever! Alas, except for a handful, all books are all in Nihongo.

Futako Tamagawa Tsutaya Electrics
Terrace Market, Futako Tamagawa Rise
Futako Tamagawa Station
Opens at 9am. Bookstore, 7am


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