Mr. Graham

Last Wednesday, I finally tried one of the gazillion restaurants in our area. This one is called Mr. Graham’s Shop in Sct. Rallos.

I ordered to go 3 of the five sandwiches in the menu – The Cebuano, Four Cheese, Bacon Please, and The Club.

The Cebuano

The Club

Four Cheese, Bacon Please
Of the three, my kids love The Club the best, though I think it’s a bit small for the price. The Cebuano’s good, really tasty. As for the Four Cheese, I could hardly taste the cheese as what tasted like caramelized onion overpowered everything else. The taro, kamote, and potato crisps were not at all that crispy.

Ben ordered the Apple Pie soda. He said it really did taste like apple pie.

Pardon the take-out boxes, I bet the sandwiches’ presentation really look good when ordered in-house.

Mr. Graham’ Shop is located at 51 Sct. Rallos St., South Triangle, Quezon City.


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