Alternative healthcare, or Our Hippie Lifestyle (part 1)

Anj and I probably started this around 2008 or so, around the time I had my first gout attack. I was also on my 4th year of glaucoma medication, and was ready to look for a more viable alternative to the expensive eyedrops. We visit the doctor at least once a year for our APE, or when we get really sick. After a couple of visits, we started noting that doctors don’t really examine you, and yet recommend powerful meds that have serious side effects, along with more meds that counter those side effects. We have also started attending Bo Sanchez’s The Feast, which sometimes feature good health topics. Add to that my mom, who is always on the search for alternative health fads and practitioners. So now, let me bore you with our “alternative” health regiment.


Our morning ritual begins with a knock on the bedroom door by our helper, Jen, around 5:20am. She brings us a small glass of freshly squeezed calamansi: around 20 pcs. each and nothing else. We down this like a shot of tequila. Why so early? Well, according to Bo Sanchez, you need to do this at least 30 mins before eating or drinking anything, even water. Not only will this give you your vitamin boost, it helps keep your system alkaline instead of acidic, which should keep cancer at bay.

Before we eat rice and choice of regular breakfast fare, we drink a glass of blended mixed fruits (with a little water, no sugar, usually a combo of at least 2 fruits).

A major part of our diet is the absence of softdrinks. We’ve managed to limit ice-cold glasses of Coke to roughly 4-5 a year (somehow, we’ve managed to justify that drinking softdrinks in another country doesn’t count). We’ve also cutout powdered drink and iced tea, and instead ordered fresh juices (when available) when eating out.

Probably the hardest part of changing your diet was avoiding fast food altogether. I’ve gotten so used to cycling between Jollibee, Mcdo, and KFC everyday for years. The most painful thing about doing this is how it hurts your wallet. Eating out it non-fastfood joints is expensive. I guess it’s more motivation to work/earn more. Eventually, we managed to get the fastfood out of our system that whenever I smell a whiff of a regular yum, I get nauseated. I occasionally indulge in a KFC Zinger or a Sausage McMuffin once in a while, but for the most part, I’ve phased out fastfood as part of my diet. See my post in my personal blog on where I do eat out near my office here.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Alternative healthcare, or Our Hippie Lifestyle (part 1)

    1. Yup. Every time we travel out, our first order of business is buy lemons at the nearby grocery. We also pack a lemon squeezer and plastic knife.


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