I find myself eating alone in restaurants more and more these days. I used to be shy about it, but now I don’t really mind. Just today, I had lunch at Dulcelin in UP Town Center.

I had one of their bestsellers, the Chicken Relleno. It’s chicken meatloaf with ham and vegetables and cheese and raisins. It was really good, all those flavors coming together in each bite. It’s especially good eaten with the fried rice. It comes with a slightly spicy mushroom gravy.  Comfort food at it’s best. With it, I had strawberry shortcake, thank you very much.

I’d rather have real strawberries for my shortcake instead of jam or jelly on top. The strawberry cream was very generous though  and the sponge cake was soft and fluffly. In the middle is their signature nutty crust you can find in their mango torte. I wish they’d sell just this crust in a bottle, like peanut brittle.  I would have ordered the mango torte but I have a whole pie waiting at home.

As you can see I just had water, because you know, added calories.
Dulcelin is at the 2nd floor of UP Town Center, Katipunan, Quezon City.


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