Dessert Stop: A Tes Souhaits

On my free time, I search the world (wide web) for dessert places. I daydream about the cakes and pastries because… dreams don’t have calories.

A Tes Souhaits has been rated number 1 patisserie in Tokyo so when Jin of Jinlovestoeat came, we decided to go on an adventure and find our way to this little shop in Suginami.

The best way to get here is to go to Nishi-Ogikubo then take the bus just outside the exit gates.

Once there, try to get one of the 2 outdoor tables! They don’t serve drinks, but, there’s a Ministop across (wink).

Felt like Christmas morning in a box!

The first time I met Jin, we shared 5 cakes between us. This time around, we shared 6 cakes on the first round, and then, 5 on the second round! I like how I/we roll (‘coz fat!)


Shucream. The custard was quite eggy with specks of vanilla. Crunchy crust. Little A approves. Almost didn’t want to share with Auntie Jin.


Tastes better than it looks. Pear shortcake. Similar to the standard japanese strawberry shortcake but with pears. The nama cream was light but held the pears in between fluffy chiffon layers. As you can see, more cream than cake! They change the fruits depending on season, I suppose. The first time, it was made with peaches.

They have this in round cake. For birthdays and any celebrations. This is gonna be my birthday cake. Obviously.


Saint Honore Raspberry. Best eaten with all the elements together.
The innards.

Blackberry shortcrust with lime marshmallow

Raspberry Mille fuille


Noisettine. Light ferrero rocher in cake form but ten times yummier! Don’t miss this. Order one just for yourself.

Passion fruit cheesecake. Citrusy cheesecake soufflé.

It’s out of the way, for sure. But, so worth the trip!


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