Dessert Stop: Qu’il Fait Bon

Watching tv one lazy day, I saw a pie place in Ginza being featured in the show. I didn’t catch the name though so I tried to google for pie places. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the one being featured. But, I found Qu’il Fait Bon which is apparently quite famous for its fruit tarts.


Lovely store front!


All pies lined up for you to drool over.


There was an one hour waiting time for seats. Little A was luckily asleep so we patiently waited.


Simply called the Red fruits tart. This is part of their regular menu and rightly so, as it tasted great. How can you go wrong with berries? Little A approves.

The rest of the items are part of the autumn menu. They don’t make all the tarts available on the same day. You just have to keep coming back!


Morning Glory shaped pear chiboust. DrG’s favorite among the tarts.


Tart Black Fig Viollette de Soilles. I liked this one, too!


Japanese Pear Tart. Only second best to the pear tart above. The grainy pear throws off the feel of the tart but that’s how Japanese pears are. Still good. But the other one is better.


Raspberry and Chocolate mont blanc. Not a fan of mont blancs. This didn’t change my mind.

The tarts all have the same basic shortcrust pastry- flaky and substantial. What makes it even more special is the brand of butter (le gall) they use, which you could also buy in store.

Nearest station: Omotesando, A5.


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