Confessions of a Mom: Three Kids A Plenty

Hi.  My name is Freya. I am 38 years old, working as a Division Manager in a multi-national company. I got married to my sweetheart (yihiii) in 2006 and we have been gifted with three daughters aged 7, 6 and 2.   I feel I have to give a little background about myself so our readers will understand more where this entry is coming from.

Now, my entry – my confessions as a mom of three young kids…

Three kids may not be that many – during our parents and grandparents’ time, yes. But in this day and age when the Moms work as much as the Dads work, three kids can really be a handful.

While I most certainly love my three daughters with all my heart and soul, I would like to confess that:

  1. I get tired – physically tired – taking care of them. Imagine running, screaming, crying, jumping, fighting, etc. etc. constantly… X3.
  2. I feel guilty ALL the time because of the attention, quality time, and affection that I don’t give them. Notice that I used the words DO NOT. It is because there are times that I would rather indulge in me time instead of spending time with them.
  3. And when I finally have my “me time,” I would miss them so much and want to end my “me time” ASAP. Weird? IKR?
  4. I want to be both cool and disciplinarian. Ummm…How???  How the H do I find balance???
  5. I fear the future. Will they be good and morally upright kids? Will they be rebellious? Will they be good contributors to the society? When they are older, will they still love me as much as they love me now? Those and one million more issues.
  6. I oftentimes feel inadequate as a mom (and as a wife).
  7. Yes, I envy other moms who appear to be super moms who don’t get tired, are always cool and in control and confident. Though, to be honest, I know they have their “moments” like me, too.

So in this light, I want to share with you this heartwarming video that I my sister-in-law sent me a few months ago.


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