Revisiting Hai Shin Lou

Revisiting Hai Shin Lou

Hai Shin Lou has been a staple team-lunch place for me and my workmates since the early 2000’s.  Despite the unassuming venue, it has attracted more than it’s share of taipans who obviously know where to get the best Chinese food. I’ve had a few sightings myself during some of my visits. It’s been a while since I’ve been back though, but I’m glad to share that it still is the reliably good place that it was as when it first opened.

Their most popular item must be their fried wonton – and it’s free!  I don’t even have a picture of the delectable appetizer since it’s usually gone the moment it’s placed on the table.  It’s so addictively good that my friends would ask me to bring some back for them when they know I’m headed there for lunch.

For this visit, we tried items that we’ve not had on their menu, including:

Soyed chicken


My new favorite, fish fillet with homemade beancurd in hotpot


Deep fried shrimp balls


Sizzling squid with tausi


And of course, we must not forget the peppercorn spareribs


Hai Shin Lou is located at 810 Arnaiz Ave., (Formerly Pasay Rd.) San Lorenzo Village, Makati City


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