12/10:  Pure Gastronomic Pleasure!

12/10: Pure Gastronomic Pleasure!

I eat out a lot – at least once a week.  Although I don’t claim to be a connoisseur (not the slightest bit), I’ve become confident about my opinion on what tastes good and what doesn’t, what’s trendy and what will probably last more than 5 years, what’s pure hype and what’s pure talent.

My most recent dinner in 12/10 Guijo Street, Makati, falls under the last category.  I wasn’t expecting much.  I’ve grown wary of these “hipster” places that are situated outside the popular commercial areas.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate individuality and uniqueness; it’s just that all of a sudden, everyone wants to be that way that it starts to become really cookie-cutter.  It’s crazy!  Manila is so full of these industrial/artsy/green/eclectic themed restaurants.  Makes me feel bad for the really authentic ones.



Anyway, so wary I was…but…my first bite blew away all my defenses (haha!).  The culprit?  Salmon!  I’m so sorry that in my happiness I forgot to take down the details.  All I remember is that the sauce is primarily made of egg.  So sorry!  There goes my career as a food writer!  Haha but I could eat this all day!


12/10 has an ikakaya-concept which is very similar to tapas – meaning small plates.  What I appreciated was they could adjust the size to the group.  For instance, we could order 1 ½ plates for a dish to satisfy the 3 of us at the table.  That way, we didn’t feel “bitin” and we didn’t over-order either.

The next perfect dish was the salmon kushiyaki – a beautiful combo of salmon, truffle oil, aonori, black sesame, wasabi, curry, and corn flakes.  This one was served yakitori-style and grilled to perfection – a bit rare just the way I like it!


Yet another perfect dish was the Katsu Sando: basically breaded pork with flavorings yuzu, kosho, tare, red cabbage, kyuri, in the most wonderful siopao bun!  I died!


What’s not in the picture because it was quite dim during dinner was the Korean fried chicken with charred Eggplant, gochujang, sesame, shiso, and lime.  I liked it but it did not blow me away like the other dishes did.  Oh well, nobody’s perfect!

12/10 is located at 7635 Guijo Street, Makati




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