Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo

It might not be obvious to you, dear reader. So let me say it out loud…I love sweets–cakes, pies, ice cream and all sorts pastries. You might also not know that I used to be a cake decorator. My sisters and I ran a small baking and decorating cake operations. Ever since I came to Japan though, I haven’t had the opportunity to decorate cakes anymore. (My sister still does <shameless plug>).

Oh, how I miss it! Once in a while though, I’d surf Le Cordon Bleu’s site to daydream (‘coz free!) about attending their patisserie course. Just a few months of intense baking and learning from the best chefs!

One time though, I saw a posting for a Master Class to learn from Frédéric Madelaine. I actually thought we were going to learn how to make madelaines when I signed up! They don’t announce what you will learn until the class itself. That day, it was Chocolate Gateaux with Raspberry.

When I got there, I was given an apron and a washcloth for the practical class. Soon enough, we were called in to the kitchen and the class began.

The chef spoke in French and a Japanese translated it to English. I was a little dismayed but since it was hands on, you can see what you need to do and the explanation from the translator was pretty clear. I have a notion though, that, like all things translated, some are lost in translation.

I worked with my Australian partner, Jessica, who was taking the patisserie course. We shared most of the tasks and she showed me how they clean as they go. I didn’t know that we had to clean up! So for the half part of the class, she was cleaning for the both of us. She’s great like that!

I wish though I got to bake it all by myself (‘coz that was what I expected for the price I paid!). I did learn a new thing or two from the class. And, learning from an award winning chef is worth the time and price. He joked that the macaron is for another class and another fee.

After the class, we got to taste the cake the chef made. And we got to take home the cake we made.

Plus extra jam!

In the meantime, let me go back to daydreaming about the pastry program.



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