Are you a My Little Pony Fan?

Tokyo had a cafe with a My Little Pony theme! *Had* because it was a limited offer which ended yesterday.

Sunday Jam partnered with Umajo (a race horse theme park) for this.


It wasn’t Disneyland, but it sure made Little A smile from ear to ear.



She was so happy to see her ponies in real life (not really, just in decals)


You could take photos standing behind the prop.


Mural on one wall


They were taking reservations but since we didn’t know, we couldn’t sit on the there. We had to make do with the center tables without Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack looking over our shoulders to see what we are eating.


The food was surprisingly tasty. I was afraid it was all just hype but I suppose being a cafe first and foremost before a themed one made a difference. This was a chicken sandwich packed with shredded carrots, eggplant and cucumber. The order came with strawberry soymilk.


This is a savory pancake which was really good. The pancake has a cheese coating! In the middle of the halved pancake are shredded pork and mikan (mandarin orange)– a weird but tasty combo!


There were MLP merchandise for sale, too.


And a crane game for the gullib…errr…I mean the fanatics.

I was expecting it to be packed with little kids but the morning we were there, there were mostly adults. There were even men eating on their own. No judgements. I’m just saying there’s a market for these type of themes and they’re not limited to kids! 🙂

Tokyo sure is fun! 😉




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