Eggs ‘n Things

After a long day running after Little A, we went to Eggs ‘n Things for dinner. It was just 5pm but it was dark and more importantly, we were hungry!

You don’t have to go to Enoshima for Eggs ‘n Things coz they have many branches in Japan (and Hawaii!). This branch though didn’t require a 45 minute wait for pancakes and breakfast fare. Thumbs up!


They have outdoor seating but it’s winter and they’re on the seaside so…….inside we stayed!


The serving was huge! Actually the server told us we ordered too much 😄 but we thought she was just underestimating our hunger.


This is a side dish acai bowl. It’s cereal topped with frozen acai berries and then further topped with bananas, pineapple, strawberries, blue berries, raspberries and mangoes! It was surprisingly good but how can you go wrong with fresh fruits.


These pancakes were so fluffy and light. I was gonna say it felt like eating clouds but the whipped cream deserves that description instead. It was easy to wolf down these pancakes. And because they are soft and melts in your mouth, it won’t make you feelt full!

That’s why we have..this!


We ordered hawaiian chicken to share. I don’t know why pineapple slices and a flower makes a dish hawaiian-y but it does! The chicken was grilled just right– juicy and tasty. The fries, hiding behind the chicken, Little A liked!

Not a bad place for pancakes and a quick meal. There are other restos in the area if the girly ambiance is too much for you

Eggs ‘n Things 湘南江の島店 SHONAN ENOSHIMA, 0466-54-0606, 神奈川県藤沢市片瀬海岸2-17-23

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