New Travel Words to Watch Out for in 2016!


Let’s start the year right with a bit of light comedy and a dash of cornballs! Here are my best bets for new travel words that might be added to the Oxford Dictionary…nay…Wikipedia…or best yet, the Urban Dictionary!

Note: If you choose to use these words, please do credit the inventor/s =) 

When your toes look and feel like they’ve been strapped to the rails of a train after a long day of nonstop shopping and/or sight seeing.
Fine Dime-in
You promise your husband that you will eat in good restaurants when you travel. But due to poor shopping estimations (eg. You overshopped yet again), you feed your family with a daily bowl of steaming hot instant noodles from the nearest vendo or convenience store.


Harry Packer

You have magic skills in packing all your newly bought stuff! Now, how to make your bill  disappear when the airline informs you that your bags are overweight?

Cebukas Na Ako Tutulog

When you stay up in the wee hours of the night to wait for a seat sale in Cebu Pacific and catch up on sleep in the office instead

Cebukas Na Ako Papasok
That extra day you will definitely need after an all-nighter of waiting up for Cebu Pacific’s delayed flights.
Here’s to many, many travels this year!

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