Have Kids, Will Travel

Trips aren’t just for the young (and single!) ones. As Titas (and Tito), the call of adventure still beckons. Even if it means towing everything with you because the baby *might* need something!

Let us share some of our tips when traveling with babies, toddlers and kids.

Val’s plane tips:
1. Bring extra clothes for you and your baby in your hand carry bag.
Surely you’ll remember to pack extra clothes for your kid/s, but, remember to bring a set for you, too! One time, my baby vomited and who do you think still smelled of it all throughout the flight?

2. Never use the water from the toilet for anything.
Not even to wash their toys with. Ask the flight attendant for some bottled water.

3. Never mind the other passengers.
You paid for your tickets, too. Just help your kid. I used to feel guilty but most people understand specially if they are parents themselves. For those annoyed people, just chill and ignore. Karma has a way to get back at them.

4. Bring a carrier and or stroller.
Life savers for non-walkers!

5. Pack snacks.
While traveling, it’s difficult to know when hunger will strike. Flight attendants usually serve the kids first. But, you never know! Better to have snacks ready so the kids won’t be h-angry.

6. Wipes are handy.
Use them everywhere! Wipe down the plane seats, tray, remote control. Little hands, faces, bottoms.

IMG_0841Val started traveling with Little A when she was barely 3 months old. They both wish to travel more often!

Od’s tips:
1. Have medications ready and on-hand.

Store medicines like paracetamol, antibiotics, antihistamines in your carry-on luggage. You’ll never know when you might need them. Just make sure you store them in ziplock bags and that they are not more than 100ml in size.

2. Antihistamine is your friend.

When all else fails, a little antihistamine  will go a long way. Especially for long-haul flights.

3. Info-ready

Put all your family’s passport information in one place. You can have it printed out in a small paper or on the notes in your cellphone. So you don’t need to take out all your passports when filling out immigration forms.

4. Carry-ons

US domestic flights charge an arm and a leg for checked-in luggage. So have all your stuff in a carry-on luggage. I discovered most hotels have laundry rooms where you wash and dry your clothes for a few cents.

5. Disposable Bottles

For small babies still bottle-feeding, use disposable ones. I used Playtex. That way, you won’t have to bring a bottle sterilizer which is too bulky. I just wash the non-disposable parts like the nipples and bottles with dishwashing liquid and boil them in hot water in electric kettles provided by hotels. Then just throw away the plastic bottles.

6. Small Formulas

When using baby milk formulas, just bring the small tetra-packed ones that come in boxes. Avoid bringing the large cans. That way, when you finish with one formula box, you can just throw that away and you don’t have to lug the big can with you all the time. Plus, you’ll have extra luggage space.

7. Clothes

Packing cubes are the best. I have packing cubes color-coordinated for each one of us. Pack socks and underwear in one cube, sleeping clothes in a cube,  and going-out clothes in another. Keeps all your belongings organised. To lessen luggage space, repeat sleeping clothes. You can use them twice or thrice, so you don’t have to bring much. You just use them for sleeping, anyway.

8. Huwag Maselan!

Don’t be overly picky or sensitive when it comes to our kids. They are more resilient than we think! It’s okay to get a little dirty sometimes, desensitizes them even! A little dirt doesn’t hurt.


Od is a courageous mom who travelled to the US alone with 3 kids. The youngest was just 15 months old then.



Freya’s Tips:
1.  If you’re traveling with a kid on stroller, always remember that Elevator is your friend too. Make sure to look for them in malls and train stations. In Japan, all train stations have elevators. Use them.
2. Make sure to bring enough milk and diapers.
3. Bring toys and things that can distract them when they’re not in the mood. This comes handy esp. during long haul flights.
4. If you are traveling with more than 1 child, talk to the older ones to help take care of the little one. Or get them to agree that they will behave and will not add to the stress.
5. Pray for patience. Everyday.
6. Make sure you have a day that is light and not full packed so u and the kid/s can rest.
7. Baby carriers and strollers!
8. Take Vitamins and energy drink for you so you can last!
9. Bring a yaya if you have budget!


Freya, a mom of 3 girls aged 8, 7 and 3, travelled recently to Osaka.

So, go travel! It is one of those few things you buy or pay for that makes you richer– and your family closer 🙂


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