Shake Shack Tokyo

When in Japan, people think of sushi, tempura and ramen. Once in a while though, I crave for American burgers!

Shake Shack lovers rejoice!

Shake Shack opened late 2015 but we’ve learned our lesson from Dominique Ansel’s. Don’t. Just don’t. Not on the opening day. Week. Month.

But, still. Look!


Look at that line. As far as the eye can see. The secret is to time your arrival, a few minutes before opening but not too early. We got there 10 minutes before opening and still had to wait for close to 45minutes. However, don’t worry too much cause you’re in Japan. People are considerate and don’t dilly dally.


Since it’s winter time, they had several heaters for their outdoor sitting areas and blankets to keep you warm.


Double-patty Shack burger

It tasted just like I remembered. Juicy, oily and butter-y. The beef patty is thin so I do prefer the double. The bread is soft and since it’s thin and absorbed all the beef juice, it crumbles from the weight of the contents.


Innards of the the burger. They use 100% angus beef which explains why it tastes so yummy! The buns are made from potato starch.


We ordered the Shroom Burger. I like that it was crispy and since it’s a vegetarian burger, I feel proud of myself for eating healthy. Hahaha!


The Shack-ago Dog

You can choose the pork dog or the beef dog. It’s top with ketchup, mustard, tomato, pickles, onion relish and some other spices. If you have limited tummy space, you can skip this one.


Little A loves fries and sauces. Fries being the vehicles for sauces! These are good crispy fries except it went cold fast and cold fries are no good (sad face). Not their fault though!


What are burgers without shakes! We ordered the the black sesame which is exclusively available here. It tasted exactly like sweet roasted black sesame. I loved it! DrG didn’t. They shared the chocolate shake instead.

They also serve beer and wine!

The service was quick (fast food!) and the place played American songs (something I’ve missed!)

Shake Shake is accesible via Gaienmae or Aoyama Itchome.
Website here.


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