Worth the Trip: Denlim’s Kitchen

Worth the Trip: Denlim’s Kitchen

A few weekends ago I was invited by my sister to join her group of friends to a Pampanga food trip.  I am not one to say no to food – although in this case, it was not really a free meal.  But the opportunity to enjoy a meal at the very in-demand private dining venue, Denlim’s Kitchen, was too hard to pass up.  I understood from my sister that her group had to make a reservation months in advance.  I also understood that Denlim’s Kitchen was already fully booked the entire 2016 until first quarter of 2017.  And it’s really not a big surprise why.  Let me enumerate the reasons….

One: Bread and Spread

denlim bread and spread

Two:  Oriental Cashiew Salad.  Seriously one of the best salads I’ve tasted in my life!!!

denlim oriental cashiew salad

Three:  Garlic Mushroom and Musselsdenlim garlic mushroom and mussels

Four:  The Shrimp Anghelita

denlim shrimp anghelita

Five:  The Pasta Amore!

denlim pasta amore

Six:  My personal favorite because of my weakness for salmon…Boiled Salmon and Asparagus in dill cream

denlim boiled salmon and asparagus in dill cream

Seven:  Mammoth Beef BBQ – falls off the bone!!!

denlim mammoth beef bbq

Eight:  Last but not the least… and certainly the most memorable…Pugon Liempo

denlim pugon liempo

What the meal lacked, unfortunately, was some good wine.  I mean, the venue was really cozy.  The long wooden table was meant to witness long conversations, friendly debates, and laughter.  If I ever get a chance to go again, I would require my group to bring some good bottles of red.

The cost of the meal was not bad.  It’s meant to be shared by a minimum of 12 people – which would bring cost per head to P1,500 (what you would pay for any good meal in Makati and BGC nowadays).  And there was so much food that we actually brought home leftovers without having to fight for it!

denlim denlim crew

For his popularity and success, Chef Den Lim is really very humble.  While we watched him prepare our meal, he would happily answer our questions and share his own stories.  It was really a pleasure to get to know him.

To inquire: https://www.facebook.com/denlimskitchen


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