Sushi on the go: Wasabi Warriors

Sushi on the go: Wasabi Warriors

I love sushi! And I love sashimi more!

It’s a wonder I’ve never been to Japan. For special occasions, after-work dinners, friendly get-togethers, and quick meals – Japanese fare is usually on top of my list.

So I’m happy to have another quick sushi/sashimi go-to place when I’m in a real rush – as in, can’t-even-sit-down-to-eat kind of rush. In between running from derma appointments and buying fabric for my fashion projects in SM Megamall, I can rely on Wasabi Warriors to give me that satisfying on-the-go meal.




imageMy favorite has always been their salmon and avocado roll. At P150, it’s already a full meal for me. And I can bite on it as I run around. In this picture, however, I decided to have it sliced nicely as I lingered in their seating area. It’s really small; just 3 tables; not meant for lingering.


So if you ever find yourself in Megamall, stomach grumbling, but with no time for a bite, the Wasabi Warriors might just be what you need.


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