Grilled Aging Beef, Tokyo


We were looking for a restaurant to celebrate Sunday but didn’t know where to go. It was cold and I honestly didn’t want to commute too long. We decided to look for something in Shinjuku–hoping that there’s a hotpot place we could try. We didn’t find anything we liked. But! We saw this!


Look at it! How can you say no?? Each day, they only have a handful of meat they could serve because all of the meat has to be aged for 40 days. The process allows the enzyme to breakdown the muscles, making the meat more tender and meatier. Science is great!


We ordered onion rings as an appetizer while waiting for our meats. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Little A only wanted the crunchies and use it as a vessel for the ketchup.



We ordered two kinds of steak. The Hire which is really tender and doesn’t require chewing of any kind.

And a more regular one called Shinshin. It was just as tasty but less tender. Their standard is medium rare but I’m sure you could tell them how you want your meat.


Fromage Risotto that was really cheesy with bits of baked cheese on top. It’s only good for one person.


My fave part of eating steak (apart from the steak) is having all sorts of mustards and dips to try! Horseradish, wasabi and garlic. I can’t choose which one I like best.

The service was friendly and efficient. We went on a valentine weekend and most tables were reserved. They showed us to the private room so that Little A could sit comfortably. The server even helped us wiped everything when Little A spilled her water.

We ordered only 200grams each so maybe next time, we would have to order larger chunks!

Grilled Aging Beef


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