Airport Livin’

Airport Livin’

Remember the Tom Hanks movie “The Terminal”?  It seemed so miserable to be stuck in an airport and sleeping in those uncomfortable conditions.  I’ve been forced to spend long hours in some terminal myself – sometimes due to bad luck but most of the time due to some really poor planning.  But hey, life’s too short to blame myself for booking too late or making last minute changes.  I just have to live with the consequences.

Fortunately, life in an airport does not need to be bad anymore.  On a recent trip to Laos where I made last minute changes in my flight plan, I was faced with the inevitable: spending the night in Bangkok.  My old self would have resigned to sleeping in some quiet part of the airport while my adventurous self would have hit the town and looked for a cheap hotel for the night (I’ve done both before!).

This time though, I decided I wanted to try sleeping comfortably inside the airport.  Bangkok’s  Suvarnabhumi Airport was the perfect place to try that out for the first time.  It is definitely one of the most tourist-friendly and one of the most prepared to address long lay-over’s, delayed flights, cancelled flights, etc.

On the first night, I looked for available airport hotels that did not require a VIP card of some sort.  I was happy with my pick, Louis’ Tavern Transit Hotel at the 4th Floor of the International Departures area.  I wasn’t really expecting a lot so I was pleasantly surprised with the amenities.  I had a well-appointed room with a great view (of the airport), internet access, a flat-screen TV, mini bar, robes and slippers, a decent bathroom – everything you would expect in a regular hotel.  Plus, I had free breakfast!  I woke up refreshed and ready to go to Laos!


On my way back to Manila, I had another crazy schedule.  Again, I am the only one to blame for this because of last minute changes.  But, I was quite excited to sleep in the airport again.  This time I picked a significantly cheaper option but was still pleasantly surprised with the accommodation.  What the Boxtel lacked in amenities and space, it compensated with cuteness and charm.


Boxtel is located at the basement level of the airport, on the way to the Airport Rail Link Station.


The room definitely looks like a box – but a cute box – with a comfy bed.  There is no toilet though.  I had to make a beeline to the airport’s toilet which was just around the corner.  But I was quite happy with the internet access and free cereal in the morning!



I am now looking forward to another crazy flight schedule and another opportunity to dream the night away inside the airport.


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