My Dream, Luang Prabang

If you find yourself travelling to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang one day, consider staying at the quaint and very reasonably-priced My Dream Boutique Hotel.


A few months ago, I visited Luang Prabang at the peak of its Pi Mai Festival – the less-crazy-but-still-crazy equivalent to Thailand’s Songkran Festival.  As it happened, getting a room in the center of town at that time of year became difficult because of the tourist influx.  I almost always stay in a place close to the action – especially when I am travelling alone – because I like the idea of not worrying about the commute back to the hotel when it’s late at night.  That was not the case for me, however, in this visit.  But I am sure glad I ended up in the outskirts of town.


My Dream Boutique Hotel is located on the opposite side of the Nam Khan River from the center of town.   Upon entering its grounds, I felt very much at home. The small complex of villas was built and furnished using natural wood and other local material giving it a very comfortable and lived-in feeling.

Each room opens to its own balcony – with lush greens that somehow provided much-needed privacy.  It was such a beautiful sight, with the sunlight streaming in, that I kept it open the entire day.  I was happy waking up to that sight the 4 days I was there.



Breakfast is served in an open-air pavilion that looked out to the small pool.



It was really more of a dipping pool but it seemed quite adequate for the place.  Everything in Luang Prabang seemed so relaxed and easy that I did not feel I needed a big pool to do laps or exercise.  I would spend an hour or two a day just floating and looking up at the sky.



Although a bit far from the center of town, it was still fairly easy to go around.  The hotel had service shuttles that went in and out of town at reasonable intervals throughout the entire day until late evening.  For the adventurer, they had service bikes ready for use.  While for other adventurers who, unfortunately, cannot ride a bike to save their life (ehem), there was an option to take a 15-minute pleasant walk through a pedestrian bamboo bridge.



My favourite part of the hotel has got to be the garden that overlooked the Nam Khan River.  There was a perfect spot for coffee and meditation.


And a perfect spot to take my book and fall asleep in the middle of my reading.


If Luang Prabang wasn’t such a charming town, I would have been happy to spend my entire 4 days in the hotel!  It was truly a dream!  A peaceful, serene, zen dream =)




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