Month: July 2016

La Cabrera and Sweetbreads!!!

La Cabrera and Sweetbreads!!!

I always knew I would have steak for my sister’s birthday.  She loves it the way I love lechon.  So a week prior to her birthday lunch, we made our shortlist of steak places to go.  There were the obvious choices and the tried-and-tested.  But we finally both agreed to try our luck in La Cabrera, which we have not tried yet despite its having opened its doors in Manila since last year.

lc 6

I liked the ambience.  For a fairly new place, it felt quite lived-in and comfortable.  It looked exactly like an old steak place that your family would have visited for several generations.

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lc 9

The service leaves more to be desired.  For the food prices, I was expecting the servers to be a bit more knowledgeable about the menu and drinks – which they weren’t.  We learned from a food blogger that we could have the fatty part of the steak re-cooked to get that lovely crunchy fatty taste that I love.  However, when we made the request, we were told flat-out that it could not be done.  It was only when we insisted that he checked with the kitchen and confirmed that it could be done.

lc 7

Our order of steak came with a generous serving of different side dishes.  There was really no need to order anything else!  The first batch was a mix of cold side dishes including chimichurri, tomatoes with alfalfa, olive puree, and more.

lc 3

The second batch of side dishes included corn and cheese puree, barbecued corn, caramelized garlic, and more.

lc 4

I was extremely happy with the steak.  We picked the Bire de Chorizo which is a striploin steak. I take it medium rare all the time – and they cooked it just the way I like it.

lc 5

But the piece de resistance for me, surprisingly, was this beautiful thing called sweetbreads!  This was the first time I tried the delectable piece of organ meat (was told this was lamb or veal pancreas) and I was in heaven!!!  It was just like tasting foie gras for the first time.  So soft, so rich, so flavourful, ooooohhhh, I could not believe it!!!

lc 2

La Cabrera will be forever memorable for me for introducing me to sweetbreads!

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LA CABRERA Grillado and Bar

Ground Floor, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati, Philippines


Bien-Etre Patisserie

There’s always room for dessert, no? Right after having lunch at home, we decided we needed to go out. We decided to try out this neighborhood cafe (far from us!) that is getting a lot of good reviews.

Bien-Etre is a small sweets shop that sits about 10 people. When we arrived, there were already 3 couples seated and so we chose the bar seats where the drinks are being prepared. I think it was the first time Little A smelled coffee! It was wonderful but we aren’t coffee drinkers so we asked for really cold water instead.

There were about a dozen or so cakes and entremets to choose from. I chose 2 desserts and Little A chose hers. DrG doesn’t get to pick! Hahaha, oh well!

Little A’s choice is Harmonie. She likes that it’s purplish!

The innards. The raspberry mousse sandwiched between biscuit and chiffon cake layers then covered with blueberry mousse and blueberry glaze on top. The blueberry tartness was prominent which I think gave the cake a loud personality or else it’d be just a standard off the mill mousse cake. Oh, is it obvious? I’m not a fan of mousse based cake (except for Sugino’s!).

The Mille Feuille au Ceresis.

I was surprised that the layers were still crispy — Little A said, “It’s crunchy!” I felt that the custard cream was only there to hold the cherry and crust together. It would’ve been nicer if there was more of the cream but I think it’s the reason why the crust is still crisp. You can’t have it all. Nevertheless, delicious!

The third cake–Melon Shortcake. I suppose this is a seasonal treat instead of the standard Japanese strawberry shortcake. The cake was moist, the nama cream light and the melon sweet. I think A Tes Souhaits still makes the meanest shortcakes. But, this one is good enough!

It took a bit of a walk to get to this shop and it was so hot that day! We weren’t ready to go out of the airconed shop yet so we decided we can still make room for another dessert. We chose to have kakigori– never mind that we were still coughing. Shhhhh!

Kakigori is basically shaved ice topped with delicious fruits and sauces. I have tried going to kakigori-ya’s in the past but have always been shut down by DrG. He said, “But it’s ice!” I am proud to say I have converted him to a kakigori-liker (not an addict, not yet!).

We ordered the peach kakigori and was surprised to find ‘treasure’ inside. Hidden beneath the layer of peach, peach sauce and ice were crushed preserved plums! It was a nice contrast to the delicate dessert. I wish the peach cubes were chilled though. The ice is finely shaven– once you spoon it inside your mouth, it instantly melts!

There’s another patisserie to visit in the area, Asterisque. Come with us?


Address: 〒151-0064 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Uehara, 1−21−10 上原坂の上21番館 1F