Escape to Caliraya

Escape to Caliraya

The gloomy weather these past few days has gotten me thinking about sunny vacations past.  How I wish I could have one more warm weekend to soak up the rays and blast those reggae tunes.

The good thing about living in Manila though, despite the current gloominess, is the accessible quick getaway spots.  If one gets lucky with a fine weather weekend, there are many places to fully take advantage of it.

One of such places I have discovered only recently is Caliraya Lake.  I have heard about Caliraya Lake a long time ago but I have not really made an effort to see it.  I’ve always harbored this misconception that the lake was where you would go if you weren’t close to the beach.  Living in the Philippines, a country blessed with a diversity of beaches, going to a lake was never an option for me.


The lake can never beat the beach for me… but it is beautiful on its own nevertheless.  My June weekend in Eco-Saddle Resort in Caliraya Lake is testament to that.

Eco-Saddle is such a quaint resort nestled in a beautiful spot by the lake.


The location had enough trees for shade and great views wherever one chooses to sit or lie down.



What makes the place extra special is their floating cabin (which you can book for P5,000 a night for 4 people), complete with the usual amenities of a normal resort cabin plus more!


The floating cabin comes with a full bath and kitchen.  So while you are floating away somewhere in the middle of the lake, you won’t worry about food or going to the toilet.



Getting to Caliraya is easy enough.  We just Wazed it and got there in a little over 2 hours.  Not bad!  And there were interesting stops along the way too!  Case in point, this Filipino restaurant housed in a 100+ year old ancestral home.


I will let the pictures speak for the lake and the trip.  So when the sun peaks out its golden head this weekend, all you need to say is “Let’s go!”




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