El Torito Restaurant 

A friend suggested we have Mexican food the other weekend. I haven’t had mexican food in years and been dreaming of eating carnitas!! So off we went to El Torito in Shinjuku.

There wasn’t a line during lunch time which was perfect. But there were no carnitas!!

But there was this: Buffalo wings by five or ten. Quite spicy but the blue cheese dip compliments the wings superbly.

And these:Mexican Potatoes (foreground) and Nachos. They basically have the same chili sauce except for the extra jalapenos on the nachos. The nacho chips were extra crispy and oily!

We had these three appetizers while waiting for people. A lot? Not really cause the dishes are small and we were famished. 

We decided to share a jumbo fajitas set (🐷🐷🐷) Looks so colorful and tasted wonderful! Grilled  chicken, beef, and shrimp and enough trimmings to go into the tortilla wraps. 

The server was a bit snooty and obviously unhappy that day –quite rare in Japan but it happens…you get used to super great service which makes her definitely stick out like a sore thumb. But nevertheless, a good place to have mexican food.

Lunch set available on weekdays.

Website here


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