We are 1 Year Old!!!

As I was posting my last blog entry, I went through our main page and realized that Sarisaristories.wordpress.com is officially a year old!  How fast time flies!

I celebrate not only our blog – a pet project by my Viber group of friends from university – but the endurance of our friendship as well.  I celebrate the advances in technology which has, as abstract as it may seem, really touched my life and made an impact on my relationships.

Who would have thought that the creation of our Viber group would give me an outlet to reconnect with my old friends and share our life’s daily struggles and victories like we never left school?  What’s better this time around though, is that these people have grown to become strong career women, super-moms and dads, smart entrepreneurs, talented writers and artists, and basically much better versions of our 18/19 year old selves.  I can count on these intelligent folk to have something interesting to say about things as mundane as household help or as exciting as Philippine politics!  We don’t think alike but that’s what makes us more interesting!

I consider myself extremely lucky to still have these people in my life.  I am reminded of a TED Talk by Robert Waldinger who is a Director of the longest study on happiness out of Harvard University.  One of the key takeaways of that study is that the people who are more socially connected to family, friends, and community, are happier, physically healthier, and live longer.  He concluded that the good life is built with good relationships.

Sharing with you some of moments of our last get-together…Cheers to the Good Life!





5 thoughts on “We are 1 Year Old!!!

  1. Dear Karmeli,

    We are lucky, too, to have someone in our group who loves to blog. Thanks for contributing 75 out of the 84 entries in our blog (joke!).

    The other day, I was thinking about sarisaristories.wordpress.com’s anniversary. It made me realize that our group really loves writing. Remember our newsletter – BBQ? I think this was where everything started. So…from bondpaper print outs to Viber to blog…happy anniv to all of us! Cheers!

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