Month: November 2017

Beauty Review: Etude House Bebe Foot Mask

I’ve always used cosmetics by Etude House, but this was my first time to try its Bebe Foot Mask. On a recent trip to Korea, I purchased a box for myself because I wanted to have softer and more evenly-colored skin on my feet.

At the back of the package, it says that the mask can remove dead skin cells and can lessen foot odor.

The Etude House Bebe Foot Mask box is light green, with an illustration of a pair of feet. I’ve had to clarify with the sales woman that this was in fact a peeling foot mask, and not one that just moisturizes the feet.


The foot sheets were quite big on me, which is why it was helpful that the sheets came with a tie that you could wrap around your ankles. I carefully poured the liquid inside each foot sheet and tied it. Note to those who would want to try this: Make sure that before you do this, you’ve done everything that you need to do (eg. go to the bathroom, get some snacks, set up a movie to watch, etc.) because it is quite a long wait before you can take the sheets off, and it can get cumbersome (and possibly unsafe) to walk around with wet and slippery sheets on your feet. After the hour and a half is up, I removed the sheets, washed the excess solution from my feet and wiped it dry. Except for my feet feeling cold, I didn’t notice anything different the whole time I was wearing the sheets. I thought that maybe the procedure didn’t work.

But lo and behold! Exactly 4 days after wearing the sheets, the skin on my feet began to peel in big chunks, revealing pinkish skin underneath my grayish-yellow dead skin. I’m grateful because a couple of days ago, my feet were soaking wet from the rain, and I was really doubtingl that the solution could still work. But it has. Already, my sole is looking a lot better. Plus, even the top of my foot is starting to peel, which means my discolored skin can even out.

Graphic content! Avert your eyes if peeling skin gross you out =P

Beauty Review: MBD White Lily Brightening Essence Mask

The My Beauty Diary brand was first introduced to me by my niece who went to Taiwan and bought a pack for herself. She said that MBD was a well-known brand for sheet masks. And so naturally, when I went to Taiwan, I searched for it and found it on sale at a Cosmed store (something like our Watsons here in the Ph).

On the front of the packaging, this mask claims that it is for brightening and freshening. The essences from olive leaf extracts and the sodium ascorbyl phosphate is supposed to brighten skin complexion.

The My Beauty Diary White Lily Brightening Essence Mask comes in a shiny light green box with seven masks in it. It is very attractively packaged, with drawings of white lilies sprinkled on the box and on the mask sleeve.


When I opened the package, I was a bit surprised that the under the mask was a foil-like backing. I was hesitant at first to throw it away, but I realized that it might have been placed there to allow for easier opening of the mask.


When I placed the mask on my face, I noticed the light floral scent of the mask, which was relaxing to me since I can be easily nauseated with strong scents. The mask came a little bit short on my forehead, but long on my chin, which was to be expected since I have a small face.

I set a timer for the product to stay on my face for 20 minutes. About 10 minutes in, I could feel a bit of tingling on my skin, which might be the acids working. By twenty minutes, I could already feel the mask beginning to dry out, which in my opinion, is a good sign since I feel like my face is absorbing the product well enough. I’ve tried masks before that never seem to dry out, and the whole time, you are left feeling sticky and gooey. This was not like that, and once I removed the mask, I could feel tightness around my face. In a few minutes, the liquid was completely absorbed by my skin, leaving no sticky residue. However, I didn’t notice the brightening effect, most likely since I always apply my masks in the evening, when I’m about to sleep.

Conclusion: I plan to repurchase the My Beauty Diary White Lily Brightening Essence Mask since I like how it made my skin feel firmer and smoother. It is also quite reasonably priced.