Month: February 2018

3 Reasons Why Color Manila Runs are Not for Kids

Last February 24, daughter and I went for our third fun run. This time, we wanted to try something different and when I saw the ad for the Color Manila Black Light event, I signed us up immediately. Husband was not very happy with my decision, asking me if it was safe for me to bring our daughter. The run was slated to start way into the night (9:20 pm to be exact) and he feared that the venue (McKinley Hill) would be too dark. But I was insistent, saying that our daughter was up for it and we’d be extra careful. Plus, the kit was supposed to come with headlights so I was thinking that we were well-prepared for the dark.

Unfortunately (and I hate it when this happens), hubby was right, but not for the reasons that he gave.

Here are my top 3 reasons why I would not repeat a run with Color Manila if I had to tag a kid along:

  1. It was waaaaay too crowded. I don’t know if they oversold the fun run, but you couldn’t safely run in that kind of crowd. Because the roads were too narrow, my daughter got hit on the face by a runner who was going the opposite way. I think the organizers picked the wrong venue for this. If repeated, they should put a cap on how many people can fit on the road.
  2. As most of the participants were young-ish (mostly in their early 20’s), they were quite playful. One of them initiated a tag game with her friend, and they would weave through the crowd as they tried to “tag” each other–very unsafe. The others would stop midwalk to take a selfie or to literally swim in the powdered coloring. I’m not a serious runner, but I do jog. If somebody suddenly stops in front of me,  I could actually hit them.
  3. There are certain areas in McKinley, particularly the white lanes that are uncharacteristically slippery. In the 5k run, we had to go through it around three times, and in all those three times, I had to walk very very slowly just to make sure we didn’t fall.

While the pictures may look like we had loads of fun, in my mind, I was extremely conscious that I could be endangering my child by exposing her to a place as crowded as this. Mommies, there are many family-friendly fun runs out there. Not Color Run Manila, please.