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Happy Staff, Happy Life

I find myself grinning from ear to ear, 5 months into my new job as Asst. GM. My staff are happy, I can tell. They are motivated, in high spirit and enjoying 🙂

My boss-friend has great plans for them but because of his work load, he just couldn’t execute those plans. And now, I am there to help him. I can feel that he is also glad and thankful for my presence.

So so far, here are some of the very simple things that I have done. They are not really original nor earth shattering but since it is their first time, its impact may be just like that:

– celebratory dinner since we had a breakthrough August. They were used to only having Christmas Party and summer outing so this was something new to them.
– Business Review. Not really a first but first to use a template and they were glad that they had proper tools.
– Out of town Christmas Party and teambuilding
– Hiring of additional employees to lighten their load
– Helped coordinate for the installation of e-system that was purchased months before I came in but the installation kept on being postponed.
– Food in my room that they can get if they are hungry, harharhar!
– Manual of Company Regulations for their guidance
– Several memos to formalize SOPs
– Formal letter on regularization and (depending on their performance) an increase to deserving employees
– Formation of Sales Support Group
– Teambuilding and an out of town Christmas party
– Trip incentive to HONG KONG! Ok. Let me tell you that our staff are just simple people. Most of them haven’t gone overseas. That is why this opportunity is BIG for them. For them to get this incentive, I gave them an ambituous BUT realistic target. They have to grow the company by almost 50%. My boss-friend and I explained how and where they can get the growth drivers for them to achieve, and may be even exceed, the target. They understood, concurred and took on the challenge with much positivity and enthusiasm.
– And other small stuff

My boss-friend is a very, very good sales manager. He knows the business so well. He knows what he wants to achieve and I am inspired by him. I am happy, too, that he is supportive of my proposals. He understands that everything I do, I do it because I want to help him achieve his big dreams for his company. I start with the staff because I know that they will give their best – and more – if they are motivated.

Our staff deserve to be taken cared of. They are very efficient at what they do. They extend and go beyond what is expected of them. Hence, in a very short span of time that I have been with them, I grew to value them.

Take a look for yourself:
I still have a lot of plans for them. And these are what keep me excited!

I have this post in draft for several months already but I have never gotten to publish it. Anyway, it is now December and I am so pleased to announce that the company reached its incentive target and they are going to HONG KONG! We ended at P1.2M more than our target! Really, happy staff means happy life.


Corporate Chic No More

Not that much, anyway.

A few months ago, my friends urged me to write about the latest big decision I have made of late – quitting my corporate job. And i promised them I would. So here I am, trying to articulate the roller coaster ride of an experience I had during the last 18 months of my 10 years, 7 months and 18 days of working in a multinational company.

I resigned. Why did I do it? I simply felt that I had enough. I could manage the work-related stress even if the demands of my job drained me to the core, but not the politics that went with it. Yes, maybe I was just sensitive, even a weakling, but the only thing that mattered to me was for me to get out of that black hole that was sucking all the positive energy from me. I couldn’t let that continue or else, I would be consumed.

Making the decision myself, for myself was easy. But getting my husband to support what I wanted was, well, let’s just say, a different story…
My husband is a very practical man and with 3 young kids, our household expenses is really on the high side so I understand all his fears. I would not go into details anymore but when he saw how unhappy I was already, he gave me his go signal saying that he wanted me to be happy. Sweet 🙂

My husband and I both worked (he still does) in multinational companies. We both had good positions and pay and benefits were good. And with those, we are able to live a more than comfortable lifestyle. So with the BIG change that was bound to happen, I had to make sure that the kids understood, somehow, that there might be changes.

Fortunately, my daughters are still in the age when I am still the love of their life. So more than anything else, they were super happy. They couldn’t wait! I was teary-eyed when one of my daughters thanked the Lord for my decision during one of her bedtime prayers. Then after, they would do a countdown to my last day at work. For that alone, I knew that I made the decision.

I jumped but I did not JUST jump. I prayed and prepared for it. After my husband agreed, I had to make a more concrete plan, not for anything else but because I wanted to have more confidence in my decision.

First thing I did was to figure out when I should resign. To give myself more time to plan for my next career move, I gave myself 4 months. I pressured myself with a timeline to make sure that I am working on what needed to be worked on: emotional, mental, and financial preparedness, and as I have mentioned, my next moves. It was also a good gauge if my decision was what I really want and not just a spur of the moment thing. None from my office knew of it.

I looked for a possible business venture and found one. I started working on it until an unexpected offer came.


He truly is amazing. Right after I made up my mind, everything fell into place – first, the business opportunity, then I was offered by a very good friend of mine to be an AGM/partner in his small but growing pharma trading company with flexi-time. And though the pay was lower, I wholeheartedly agreed because of the limitless possibilities that we can do together. He has big dreams and I am inspired by him and I am excited to be a part of the team when his dreams get fulfilled.

Needless to say, I am now happier.

Allow me to impart some learnings.

1. When I quit and started exploring the “outside world,” I realized that there really is a lot of opportunites waiting for us to discover and grab. I had meetings with people 10 years younger than me who are very successful and they motivate me and show me how exciting the future is.
2. When people found out I resigned, they had mixed emotions. Some agreed but there were also those who perceived my decision as giving up. But when I decided to resign, i also made sure that I can stand by my decision. I told myself that I won’t let people’s opinion matter because only I know what I was going through.
3. Lastly, you don’t have to know exactly what you want now. As long as you know to whom your goals are for, then, I believe, that’s good enough to start a new journey.
4. Ultimately, your responsibility is first to yourself, then to your loved ones, lastly to the company you are working for.
5. Most importantly, pray. And you will never go wrong.

How Would You Describe Your Feelings Without Using the Word “LOVE?”

I like watching videos on Facebook. Especially heart-warming ones.  They always make me cry but give me a different kind of high at the same time.  I like sharing them, too, coz I want others to feel good about it and perhaps, make their day?

So, since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I am sharing this video I found to honor our significant other.

May we all be like Bob and Kim, who, after 56 years of togetherness, still look at each other with so much love and respect for each other.

Note: I think it is good to try this exercise with your partner 🙂 I am sure their answers will surprise us!

Enjoy the video!


Confessions of a Mom: Three Kids A Plenty

Hi.  My name is Freya. I am 38 years old, working as a Division Manager in a multi-national company. I got married to my sweetheart (yihiii) in 2006 and we have been gifted with three daughters aged 7, 6 and 2.   I feel I have to give a little background about myself so our readers will understand more where this entry is coming from.

Now, my entry – my confessions as a mom of three young kids…

Three kids may not be that many – during our parents and grandparents’ time, yes. But in this day and age when the Moms work as much as the Dads work, three kids can really be a handful.

While I most certainly love my three daughters with all my heart and soul, I would like to confess that:

  1. I get tired – physically tired – taking care of them. Imagine running, screaming, crying, jumping, fighting, etc. etc. constantly… X3.
  2. I feel guilty ALL the time because of the attention, quality time, and affection that I don’t give them. Notice that I used the words DO NOT. It is because there are times that I would rather indulge in me time instead of spending time with them.
  3. And when I finally have my “me time,” I would miss them so much and want to end my “me time” ASAP. Weird? IKR?
  4. I want to be both cool and disciplinarian. Ummm…How???  How the H do I find balance???
  5. I fear the future. Will they be good and morally upright kids? Will they be rebellious? Will they be good contributors to the society? When they are older, will they still love me as much as they love me now? Those and one million more issues.
  6. I oftentimes feel inadequate as a mom (and as a wife).
  7. Yes, I envy other moms who appear to be super moms who don’t get tired, are always cool and in control and confident. Though, to be honest, I know they have their “moments” like me, too.

So in this light, I want to share with you this heartwarming video that I my sister-in-law sent me a few months ago.

“I wish I was like you”

My two daughters, 7 year old grade 2 student, Nykola, and 6 year old grade 1 student, Calista, recently had their exams.  While Calista had high scores, Nykola’s were not really high and I was a little disappointed.  In a stern voice, I told her I was not happy and she should study harder. I hired tutors for her and her sister so I was expecting higher grades.  She said “yes, mom” very softly with her head bent down.

Just this afternoon, I heard Nykola reading a letter from her classmate. According to her, this letter came from her second BFF, Catalina.  They used to be groupmates but last Friday, Nykola was transferred to a different group.

To Nykola From Catalina
To Nykola
From Catalina


Awww.  This letter reminded me that I have a great daughter who is “funny, nice, brave…”  Someone actually wants to be like her! These things, I oftentimes take for granted.  I had to be reminded by someone young, someone innocent of how special my daughter is.

All else comes secondary.

And We Are Ageing!

Ok. So, if you read our “About Us” page, you will know that we are a bunch of 90s kids. And if you do the Math, you will know our age – more or less. Thus, topics such as ageing would normally pop once-too-often in our conversations.

Check out our oh-so relatable (err…if you’re more or less same age as us) exchanges:

image copy

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