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Discover Desserts @ Hong Kong

Okay, so the real reason we came back to Hong Kong was because of the Hello Kitty popup grocery that would be closing by the end of May. It wasn’t even a question of whether I’d go back. As my daughter puts it, “You simply have to go there.” So there. I am an obedient mother.


But as it was already our second return to Hong Kong for the year, I was determined that we would not just shop the way we usually do, but also try to experience more of what the city had to offer in terms of food. I was glad to find some dessert gems that we would definitely go back to.

Dim Dimsum – The one that we tried was in Mongkok. Thank goodness there was only a short line outside the restaurant. It is just a tiny place with simple furnishings, but my friends (who were big dumpling fans) really enjoyed eating a lot of different food! I personally liked the presentation of their milk tea, and enjoyed my piggy salted egg custard and pineapple buns!

Filled with hot salted egg custard, these pig buns are cute AND yummeh!

The ice outside the milk tea keeps the drink cold, but doesn’t dilute the taste!
Oddies Foodies- Located at the Soho district, this dessert place serves egg waffles with gelato. The one we ordered had brownies pressed into it. They also had packed Nutella meringue which you could buy to give away to friends.

Egg waffles are a very popular dessert in HK
Taste Cafe in Macau – Ok, so technically, it’s not in Hong Kong, but if you have time, Macau also has very interesting places to eat in. Sadly, I don’t know the exact location of this place, but it is along Senado, when you attempt to walk to the ruins. They had a purple yam sandwich, that was really a dessert because apart from purple yam, it had condensed milk as a topping!

Taste served cold brew coffee in this beautiful container
I’m glad we explored a lot of eats in this trip! Happy travels =)


Revisiting Hai Shin Lou

Revisiting Hai Shin Lou

Hai Shin Lou has been a staple team-lunch place for me and my workmates since the early 2000’s.  Despite the unassuming venue, it has attracted more than it’s share of taipans who obviously know where to get the best Chinese food. I’ve had a few sightings myself during some of my visits. It’s been a while since I’ve been back though, but I’m glad to share that it still is the reliably good place that it was as when it first opened.

Their most popular item must be their fried wonton – and it’s free!  I don’t even have a picture of the delectable appetizer since it’s usually gone the moment it’s placed on the table.  It’s so addictively good that my friends would ask me to bring some back for them when they know I’m headed there for lunch.

For this visit, we tried items that we’ve not had on their menu, including:

Soyed chicken


My new favorite, fish fillet with homemade beancurd in hotpot


Deep fried shrimp balls


Sizzling squid with tausi


And of course, we must not forget the peppercorn spareribs


Hai Shin Lou is located at 810 Arnaiz Ave., (Formerly Pasay Rd.) San Lorenzo Village, Makati City