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My Chow Down Rundown

My Chow Down Rundown

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating!  There have been a number of great food experiences in the past 3 months that I thought it best to quickly share them in one post.  So, here goes:

The brisket at Mighty Quinn’s.  I had the privilege of getting invited to a private tasting event a few days before its official opening.  It was a great experience to meet the man behind New York’s award-winning slow cooked barbecue, Hugh Mangum.  One thing else that had a lasting impression on me was the brisket.  Tender, moist, savory, with just the right amount of fat.  Need I say more?



Rib Eye at Maria Luisa’s Garden Room.  This place is one of my favorites and I’ve written about their Scandinavian platter and cassoulet in the past.  But I’ve discovered their rib eye only recently…and they do it very well!


Degustation at the Champagne Room. This place’s old-world ambiance and decadence is perfect for special occasions.  A must try is their degustation menu – with champagne of course!



The Arroz Negro at Tomatito.  I knew this place was a must-try even before I stepped into its doors.  How could a restaurant from the same team behind Las Flores and Rambla not be great?  The very playful ambiance added to the experience.


The Porterhouse at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse.  This was probably the biggest piece of meat I have ever had the chance to devour.  It was also a glorious, juicy, tasty, piece of monster meat!


Yakiniuku at Urameshi-Ya.  I have been to Little Tokyo so many times but it was only recently that I discovered Urameshi-Ya.  Aside from really good yakiniku, I could not get over how good their rice was!  It was quite pricy for a bowl of rice (P120) but it was worth it!



Mutton Rajwari Kofta at the Royal Indian Curry House.  This was the chef’s secret recipe – worth a try!


Beef cubes with Garlic at Mandarin Sky Seafood & Shabu-shabu.  This dish made going out of my way to Banawe well worth the trip!


I will end this jumbled post with this quote from Julia Child: “People who love to eat are always the best people.”


La Cabrera and Sweetbreads!!!

La Cabrera and Sweetbreads!!!

I always knew I would have steak for my sister’s birthday.  She loves it the way I love lechon.  So a week prior to her birthday lunch, we made our shortlist of steak places to go.  There were the obvious choices and the tried-and-tested.  But we finally both agreed to try our luck in La Cabrera, which we have not tried yet despite its having opened its doors in Manila since last year.

lc 6

I liked the ambience.  For a fairly new place, it felt quite lived-in and comfortable.  It looked exactly like an old steak place that your family would have visited for several generations.

lc 1

lc 9

The service leaves more to be desired.  For the food prices, I was expecting the servers to be a bit more knowledgeable about the menu and drinks – which they weren’t.  We learned from a food blogger that we could have the fatty part of the steak re-cooked to get that lovely crunchy fatty taste that I love.  However, when we made the request, we were told flat-out that it could not be done.  It was only when we insisted that he checked with the kitchen and confirmed that it could be done.

lc 7

Our order of steak came with a generous serving of different side dishes.  There was really no need to order anything else!  The first batch was a mix of cold side dishes including chimichurri, tomatoes with alfalfa, olive puree, and more.

lc 3

The second batch of side dishes included corn and cheese puree, barbecued corn, caramelized garlic, and more.

lc 4

I was extremely happy with the steak.  We picked the Bire de Chorizo which is a striploin steak. I take it medium rare all the time – and they cooked it just the way I like it.

lc 5

But the piece de resistance for me, surprisingly, was this beautiful thing called sweetbreads!  This was the first time I tried the delectable piece of organ meat (was told this was lamb or veal pancreas) and I was in heaven!!!  It was just like tasting foie gras for the first time.  So soft, so rich, so flavourful, ooooohhhh, I could not believe it!!!

lc 2

La Cabrera will be forever memorable for me for introducing me to sweetbreads!

lc 8

LA CABRERA Grillado and Bar

Ground Floor, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati, Philippines

Ikinari Steak

Japan will spoil you with its food choices. Whatever your budget, you will find some delicious food to match it. For 100yen or so, onigiris would tide you over until your next meal. For 30,000yen, you can eat your Jiro sushi dreams.

While I daydream about sushis though, my tummy grumbled (and found) its way to Ikinari Steak. Think of it as a fastfood steak place. Why isn’t it a fine dining place? Because there aren’t any seats!


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